Our process for metalizing a compressor piston


A change in the way we do things in Borger…

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce plans for a change in our Borger operations.  Donny Raney will be taking over for Glen Klotz as the Shop Manager.  Glen has held this position for a long time, and now it’s time to pass the torch.  Glen is moving on to what we are going to call “Special Projects”.  Many times our sales people have a tough time answering the very technical questions that a shop manager can ask.  So, now that Donny is here, Glen will be free to be in the field more and get out of the shop a little more often.

Here’s to new adventures!

American Manufacturing. Still going strong.

There are still somethings that can’t be made overseas.


In the past year, DISCO has expanded not only by our water-jet capabilities, but with our fabrication division.  Two years ago, we couldn’t have taken this job on.  We built everything you see in these pictures, except for the electric motor and the bearings.  A water-jet, a welder, a grinder, and a lot of hard work.  The customer brought us a stack of drawings, and this is the end result.  We’re really proud of that.

While our gas compression machine shop services are busier than ever, we’re extremely proud to be entering into new areas while keeping our on-going promise:

We Solve Problems.

How much time and money can we save you?

A customer needed to save some time and money, so we got them out of a bind with our water jet.  Instead of them having to drill out the holes in this hub, we were able to cut them out in a fraction of the time.




Team DISCO takes first place!

We were proud to take part in the fifth annual Jason Newberry Memorial scholarship golf tournament this year.  We were also happy to take first place with a 52.  The golf tournament kicked off the 55th annual Compressor Conference on the University of Oklahoma campus.

Water restricter plates

.030 water restricterOur customer had a problem:  too much water being wasted.  They wanted to restrict the flow of water coming out of a certain hole.

So here’s the solution that we came up with.  We first cut tiny stainless steel circles on our water-jet.  Then, we set up and drilled a .030 hole in the center of each piece.


Surface Safety Systems

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Is your location safe?

At DISCO, Inc., the ‘D’ stands for diversified and that includes our multi faceted surface safety systems.  Shown is one of our custom actuator safety valves as installed on a completed location.

Rated as API approved at 3,000 psi, this valve ensures that expensive gas separator units can be shut in if parameters fall outside of a known low or high setting.

Used in conjunction with High/Low controls, safety can be ensured on locations at the gas production unit or well head.  At Disco, a wide range of custom safety valves are available to facilitate any need.  We are geared for service and are eager to satisfy any safety needs you might have. Service, repair and reconditioning are all available through your industrial supplier … DISCO, Inc.

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