A note from our Safety Director…

Not many companies our size have full time safety supervisors.  However, that’s been a top priority of Disco, Inc. from day one.  I asked our safety supervisor, Lewis Kasko, to tell me a little about our program here:

“Since coming to work for DISCO as Safety Supervisor almost four years ago, I have been privileged to be a part of a company that is consistently progressing in the area of workplace safety. In the industrial environment it is important that companies maintain a good safety record as well as being productive. I have been pleased to see that our injury statistics show that our company has been able to keep injury rates low. Over the last four years special attention has been paid to certain components for a successful safety program, including personal protective equipment, hazardous materials, forklift operations, equipment guarding, fire protection and housekeeping, education, and many others.

But more importantly I have witnessed that the desire for safety is becoming part of our employee’s normal routine. It is becoming something more than just what needs to be done. The best evidence I have seen of this is when someone comes and asks me,” is this the correct way to do this safely, or am I being safe enough”? I often find that safety concerns are pointed out to me before I have even had a chance to notice them.  Above all else it is these things that let me know that our safety program is progressing.

I am pleased to be part of an organization, and partnered with workers who make DISCO a safe and productive workplace.”


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